Electrical Incident Investigations

This service includes investigating and reporting of possible electrical causes of incident/s resulting in electric shock, injury, fatality, or property damage. It also includes working safely, gathering information from an incident site and from witnesses, conducting site tests, gathering, and arranging for analysis of forensic evidence, document findings and presenting evidence in court.

The following are only just a few examples of our processes during an investigation and are only a part of the full investigation conducted.

  1. Preparing to investigate the electrical incident.
    1. Safety hazards not previously identified are noted on risk assessment.
    2. Relevant person/s is consulted to ensure the investigation is coordinated effectively with others involved on the worksite.
    3. Tools, equipment, and testing devices needed for the investigation are obtained in accordance with workplace procedures and checked for correct operation and safety.
    4. Notification of the electrical incident is reviewed in consultation with the relevant person/s to establish the nature and extent of the electrical investigation.
  1. Investigating the electrical incident to determine cause.
    1. Inspect, test or measure live electrical work is determined and conducted in accordance with WHS/OHS requirements and workplace procedures.
    2. Recreation of incident situation is undertaken and conducted with WHS/OHS requirements and workplace safety procedures.
    3. Witnesses to the incident are interviewed in accordance with privacy principles, workplace procedures and protocols to determine the circumstances of the incident.
    4. Forensic evidence gathered at the incident site is handled to avoid contamination or damage, permission is obtained to remove evidence from the site, documentation is completed, as required, and evidence is forwarded to the relevant person/s for analysis.
    5. Actions are taken to prevent any unsafe electrical hazards found on the site from posing a risk of further injury or damage in accordance with workplace procedures.
  1. Reporting electrical investigation findings.
    1. Reports of forensic evidence analysis are obtained and reviewed for inclusion in the final investigation report.
    2. Cause/s of electrical incident is extrapolated from the evidence using acceptable deductive methods.
    3. Investigation procedures, finding, conclusions and recommendation are documented in accordance with workplace procedures.
    4. Documented evidence in the investigation report is given in court, as required, honestly and without bias following court procedures and protocols.

Turn around and costs are on a case-to-case basis. Please contact our office for further information.

Due to the sensitive nature of this area of our business and the high level of confidentiality required, CRUNCH ELECTRICAL cannot disclose and information of our investigations and findings to third parties under ANY circumstance unless required by law.